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How to Clean Exterior Glass Railings

Exterior glass railings are a great decorative feature but they are a nightmare to clean. Many homeowners resort to thoroughly cleaning the inside and then either ignoring the outer ones or hoping that the wind and rain will do the work for them. Over time, they become dirty and unsightly, and unless you want to risk your life clambering up high ladders or climbing on the roof, they’re impossible to clean.

Unless, that is, you have a Magnetic Window Cleaner. These devices are all you need to safely and effortlessly clean exterior glass railings, and they also work for windows.

How to Clean Exterior Glass Railings

The Tyroler Magnetic Window Cleaners are designed to clean exterior glass railings and hard-to-reach windows without putting you in compromising situations.

The Magnetic Window Cleaners are an ingenious little tool featuring two magnetized pieces that clamp together over the glass, allowing you to move the piece attached to the inside and automatically move the outside one as well.

Simply place one of the pieces on a segment of the glass railing that you can’t reach, place the other piece on the inside section, and the magnets will hold them in place. You are now free to clean the entire railing or window without stretching, climbing, or putting yourself in precarious positions.

It’s not just effective and safe, it’s also quick. You can use the Magnetic Window Cleaners to clean your entire railings and/or windows in just a couple of minutes. Once you have finished, simply disconnect, remove, and put it to one side—ready to use another day!

The Magnetic Window Cleaners works via 4 powerful rare earth magnets. It features highly durable microfiber cloths to scrub away dirt and grime and there are several variations of the product available, all designed to cater to different glass thicknesses.

As the name suggests, the Magnetic Window Cleaner just glides over your window, so you don’t need a lot of upper body strength to move it. It’s smooth, it’s swift, and once you see how effective it is, it’s also satisfying. 

The rubber squeegee blades on the inside of the Magnetic Window Cleaner are made from 100% natural rubber. As a result, they are easy to clean, very strong and durable, and will last you for many years. If you have a set of exterior glass railings or any hard-to-reach windows, just make sure you have one of these handy little tools in your house and you’ll never need to overextend yourself again!

Tyroler Team

Since 1987 we’ve had one mission; to make tools for more effective cleaning with less effort. We have dedicated over 3 decades to developing, manufacturing and distributing tools to make home cleaning easier. Today, Tyroler “Rav-Mag” cleaning products can be found in homes and businesses all around the world.

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