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Here’s How to Clean All Your Glass Surfaces

Glass can be difficult to clean. It’s a pretty unforgiving surface, and if you leave any dirt or grime, it’ll show. What’s more, if you don’t do a very good job or use the right tools, it may leave unsightly streaks.

With that said, let’s look at some of the ways that you can quickly and effectively clean the glass surfaces inside and outside your home, focusing on the most problematic ones.

Glass Shower Doors

Shower doors collect soap scum and dirt, making them difficult to clean. Fortunately, there is an easy solution and one that doesn’t require expensive or harmful chemicals and detergents.

Firstly, you will need a Squeegee. Next, simply combine a little baking soda with water to create a paste and rub this paste over the shower door before washing it way with a mixture of vinegar and water.

The baking soda is a mild and non-toxic abrasive while the vinegar helps to sterilize and wash away tough stains and scum. It’s the perfect combination and one that utilizes ingredients already in your home.

You should notice a big improvement with a single application, after which you can use the squeegee to dry the shower door completely.

Keep the squeegee in the bathroom and use it every time you get out of the shower. It will keep the shower door dry and prevent the build-up of soap scum, reducing the need for future cleans.

High Windows and Hard-to-Reach Windows

If your windows are high up, use the High Window Cleaner. It will clean the glass without you needing to stand on a high surface or climb a ladder. If the windows are hard to reach, as is the case for glass on the outside of your property, use the Magnetic Window Cleaner, which allows you to clean those hard-to-reach places.

With one of these magnetic cleaners in your possession, there’s no need to scale tall ladders or clamber onto your roof. It is a much safer and easier way to keep your external windows and glass railings clean throughout the year.


Mirrors often leave streaks and because you pay more attention to the surface, you tend to notice them more. A good clean, therefore, requires a high-quality microfiber cloth and a mild detergent.

The detergent will remove stains and dirt. The microfiber cloth will eradicate all of the dust while drying the glass and removing the moisture that causes streaks.

Tyroler Team

Since 1987 we’ve had one mission; to make tools for more effective cleaning with less effort. We have dedicated over 3 decades to developing, manufacturing and distributing tools to make home cleaning easier. Today, Tyroler “Rav-Mag” cleaning products can be found in homes and businesses all around the world.

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