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Five Tips And Hacks To Keep Your House Clean and Organized

Keeping your house clean and organized is not as easy as it sounds. While some would say that it’s enough to wipe the dust and organize your stuff, there’s definitely more to it. After a rainy day, there’s mud all over the floors and stains all over your windows. If you just live for a couple of days without keeping things in order, you will face a big mess on the third day. Tyroler developed some tools to help you keep your house clean without wasting a whole day on it.

Five Tips For a Clean Home

First, keep your floors clean. The house looks neater when the floor is clean and not covered with stuff. You can use our broom and dustpan combo for the best effect. It’s an essential cleaning tool everyone should have. Rubber broom and dustpan are made of 100% natural rubber, meaning your floors and furniture won’t be damaged. You will simply collect all the dirt and be able to remove it in a few simple sweeps. This dustpan and rubber broom tool will help you clean quickly and not waste a day polishing. 

Make sure to clean your windows once a week. Yes, we know; it sounds like a struggle. Especially if your windows are hardly approachable or too high. But Tyroler has a solution for that. Use our magnetic window cleaner and the job will be done within minutes. Our window cleaning tool is perfect for cleaning inside and outside at the same time, with no risks. Instead of hanging out and trying to clean the outside, you can simply attach the magnetic cleaner to the glass and use our window cloth to clean from both sides simultaneously. Add high window cleaners to the combination if your windows are too high. They come with a cloth on one side and a small squeegee on the other side. You can clean and polish using one tool long enough to reach even the ceiling itself.

Besides windows, our squeegee is perfect for polishing mirrors and showers. Once a day, go over the glass surface with it, and your bathroom will look cleaner than ever.

Not to forget, when already in the bathroom, you can use a perfectly made silicone toilet brush. It comes in white, gray, and black, so you can choose the one fitting the interior and keep it spotlessly clean. We ensured to make silicone bristles so they will not keep the dirt, and you can easily wash the brush after using it. And best of all, silicone doesn’t splash the water, so you will save yourself cleaning after cleaning.

In the end, our cloths are made of microfiber, meaning they can be used for cleaning the dust from your bedside table, work desk, and more.

With Tyroler cleaning products, you get quality, durability, and perfect cleanness. Your floors, mirrors, other glass surfaces, and furniture will remain undamaged while you will be able to clean and polish everything until it shines bright. Follow these tips, and your home will look like the best-maintained hotel at any given moment.

Tyroler Team

Since 1987 we’ve had one mission; to make tools for more effective cleaning with less effort. We have dedicated over 3 decades to developing, manufacturing and distributing tools to make home cleaning easier. Today, Tyroler “Rav-Mag” cleaning products can be found in homes and businesses all around the world.

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