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Why Silicone Cleaning Products Make the Work Much Easier

Cleaning is a chore, hence the name, but it has to be done. There are many different cleaning products out there, but not all of them are effective. Some are cheap, which means they fall apart after a few uses; others do the job, but they don’t do it well. Whether you are looking for new cleaning products for your home or you need some equipment to keep a workplace clean and hygienic, here is a useful guide to why silicone is a great material for cleaning products and why it makes the job so much easier.

If we don’t clean our homes or offices, dirt, grime, bacteria, and viruses soon start to build up, which is seriously bad for our health. In a post-Covid-19 world, regular cleaning is even more important. Regularly cleaning hard surfaces helps to keep the coronavirus at bay and prevent cross-contamination.

To prevent Covid-19 infections, all surfaces should be wiped down with disinfection regularly. This includes doorknobs, doors, telephones, handrails, and worksurfaces. In addition, floors should be cleaned daily to prevent contamination from shoes. The good news is that silicone products can make the job faster and more efficient. 

Plastic Vs. Silicone

Many cleaning products are made from plastic. Plastic is cheap and mass-produced. It can be molded into a million different shapes. The downside is that plastic is very brittle. It breaks easily, especially when force is exerted. Plastic cracks and splits, creating a gap where dirt can collect. In time, cheap plastic cleaning products end up being discarded, and as we all know, plastic exerts a huge toll on the environment. 

Silicone is a much more versatile material. Silicone has numerous applications in multiple industries, from sealants and industrial coatings to personal care products. It is also a great material for cleaning products, as we’ll explore below. 

Cleaning products made from 100% silicone are extremely hardwearing. Unlike cheap plastic products, items made from natural silicone don’t lose their shape, don’t break easily, are easy to clean. 

Innovative Silicone Cleaning Products

Our innovative range of silicone cleaning products includes a silicone broom, a silicone squeegee, and a silicone toilet brush and holder. When you make the switch to 100% silicone cleaning products such as the Rav Mag silicone rubber broom or silicone toilet brush, you’ll be amazed at how much easier daily cleaning chores become. 

Let’s take silicone toilet brushes as an example. 

Cheap plastic toilet brushes work reasonably well, but to properly clean a toilet bowl, you will need to scrub quite hard. Over time, the plastic bristles break down and begin to accumulate dirt, even after being bleached. Not surprisingly, most people replace their toilet brushes every few months for hygiene reasons. 

A toilet brush made from 100% silicone has soft brush fibers. Much less effort is needed to clean a toilet – only gentle scrubbing. Because silicone ‘rubs’ the surface rather than scratches it, you will enjoy much better results, with or without bleach or other cleaning agents. 

Silicone brooms, floor mops and squeegees are another great example of how silicone can make cleaning so much easier. 

A Rav-Magav squeegee with a wide blade can dry a wet floor very quickly. One sweep and all moisture is pulled away, saving you the effort of wiping the floor with paper towels or a mop. This is a great time-saver, especially when you are cleaning a large area, which is often the case in commercial environments. 

Silicone brushes are also very easy to use. Silicone rubber is great for removing pet hair and lint from hard floors. Whereas a plastic broom merely moves dirt from one location to another, often leaving much of it behind, silicone attracts the dirt and leaves nothing behind. 

Choose Silicone!

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why silicone is amazing:

Here’s why silicone is the perfect material for cleaning products:

  • Silicone is very tough, so unlike plastic, which tends to wear down with regular use, silicone toilet brushes maintain their shape indefinitely. 
  • Silicone doesn’t absorb cleaning chemicals, so it can be used safely with very strong detergents and acids, and even oils.
  • Silicone is flexible, which makes it a perfect material for floor squeegee mops. 
  • Silicone can be disinfected at a very high heat, which makes it extremely hygienic.
  • Whereas cheap plastic tends to crack and deteriorate with repeated exposure to water and UV light, 100% silicone is inherently flexible and resistant to moisture, sunlight, and other weather conditions. 
  • Silicone is not bad for the environment, unlike plastic. A Canadian review found that siloxane D5 poses no danger to the environment or toxic to any organism and won’t accumulate in any great concentration. Therefore, it is unlikely to have any adverse effects. This is in direct contrast to plastic products, which have had a disastrous effect on the environment and will continue to do so for hundreds of years to come. 

Once you make the switch to silicone cleaning products, you won’t look back. Check out our range to see what’s available!

Tyroler Team

Since 1987 we’ve had one mission; to make tools for more effective cleaning with less effort. We have dedicated over 3 decades to developing, manufacturing and distributing tools to make home cleaning easier. Today, Tyroler “Rav-Mag” cleaning products can be found in homes and businesses all around the world.

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