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The Secure Solution to Clean Windows in High Floors

Cleaning windows above the ground floor might seem a risky endeavor, but there is a solution that takes the risk away. The Tyroler magnetic window cleaner has revolutionized window cleaning, and here’s how:

Cleaning Windows Has Never Been Safer

Traditionally, window cleaning was a job best left to professionals, as reaching windows above the ground floor posed a big safety risk. For some windows, people who don’t use Tyroler’s high window cleaner, may need ladders and someone to keep them steady at the bottom. For much taller buildings, scaffolding and harnesses may seem the only safe way of reaching them. Without those things, it was impossible for a regular person to clean their own windows whilst living in multi-level buildings. 

Using a magnetic 2 sided window cleaner has introduced a much safer method of cleaning windows, without the need for ladders or scaffolding. You can use the window magnetic cleaner safely from indoors, effectively cleaning both sides of your windows and getting all the hard to reach places. This eliminates the risk that comes with ladders and reaching beyond arms’ length. 

Where Window Cleaning Began

Since glass was introduced as a common building material, the need for window cleaning has existed. Glass is admired for its transparency, providing a natural source of light, as well as heat from the sun. When windows become dirty, their ability to let light in decreases, and they are more displeasing to the eye. Window cleaning is therefore a necessity. As buildings became taller, window cleaning became more dangerous. Initially, window cleaning was especially hazardous, a perilous act of balancing on window ledges. The increase in skyscrapers led to the demand in window cleaners as a profession, but it has never been a safe job, especially when it first began.

Thankfully, harnesses, safety belts and scaffolding were introduced to make window cleaning a much safer profession. Health and safety procedures and better training has significantly reduced the risks involved, but it is still not a risk-free profession. High rise window cleaners use scaffolding platforms and water-fed poles to clean windows, but for many people, cleaning windows still means bringing out the ladders.

Ladders are a common tool used in window-cleaning, but they come with risks of slipping and falling. Magnetic cleaners are a secure solution that takes away the risk of accidents from ladder usage during window cleaning. Whilst cleaning windows with scaffolding and poles will remain common practice, the usage of magnetic cleaners like Tyroler’s The Glider introduces a safe alternative that is accessible by anyone, professional and non-professionals alike. 

These Tools are Effective and Provide Sparkling Results

Made from high-quality materials, Tyroler’s The Glider comes in a variety of sizes suitable for different types of glass. You can use the magnetic window cleaner for double glazed windows and single glazed windows, as well as patio doors. Choosing the appropriate model of The Glider for your window-pane thickness will give you the best results, but some models come with adjustable magnet force too. 

The rare earth magnets are super strong and will keep their window cleaning strength permanently, so you can get brilliant results every time. The double-sided squeegees are made from 100% natural rubber, so they are durable and hardwearing, perfect to wipe away dirt and grime.  

Easy to Use for Novices and Professionals

Whether you are a novice or professional, you can achieve great results with the Tyroler The Glider. They have been designed to clean hard to reach areas and to safely clean the outside of windows. This makes them the perfect tool for washing windows on higher floors, whether you are in an apartment or office. The technique may require you to watch the tutorial video first, but once you’ve picked it up, the effective cleaning technology will make cleaning windows easy. 

They are a Cost-Effective Solution

If you live in a home with hard-to-reach windows, making them difficult to clean, this is a great solution. Hiring a professional can become costly over time, so the price of purchasing your own tools will be much cheaper in the long run. This is especially true if your windows are only accessible by scaffolding, which can make window cleaning services very costly. If you are a professional, this tool can safely extend your reach, making your job safer and easier. 

 If a window cleaning service is provided as part of your building’s maintenance, perhaps you don’t enjoy the long period of time between cleaning, during which your windows appear grimy and unpleasant. With the magnetic window cleaner, you can safely clean your windows yourself, to ensure they sparkle anytime you want them to. Appreciating the views from your high-rise apartment is much easier when your windows and clean!

Having clean windows doesn’t need to be a luxury, keeping them clean and sparkly should be something accessible to anyone, no matter where they live. The magnetic window cleaners are designed to be both safe and effective, so everyone can enjoy clean windows easily.

Tyroler Team

Since 1987 we’ve had one mission; to make tools for more effective cleaning with less effort. We have dedicated over 3 decades to developing, manufacturing and distributing tools to make home cleaning easier. Today, Tyroler “Rav-Mag” cleaning products can be found in homes and businesses all around the world.

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