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How to Clean Unreachable Windows

Sometimes window cleaning can be a real hassle. Especially if you live in one of those older houses or the loft. You probably have high-ceiling windows. Yet, those who live in regular buildings or even houses may have problems as well, especially if they can open only one side of the window and have to clean two sides. How many times have you found yourself standing on the furniture or hanging outside, trying to reach unreachable areas? Tyroler has a solution for this.

Clean Unreachable Windows Quick and Easy

If you have too high windows, you have to try Tyroler window cleaning tools for high windows. We designed a unique 2-in-1 extendable window washing tool fitted with a microfiber cloth on one side and a squeegee on the other side.

Simply pivot the head of the telescopic window cleaning set through 180 degrees and reach all the areas. Our extendable tool goes from 1.6 to 2.3 meters, ensuring you can get just about anywhere. And best of all, there’s no more uncomfortable washing after the window is clean. Our cloths are made to be washed in the washing machine.

You can re-use the same window cloth about 300 times before it’s time for the new one. Thanks to the squeegee on the other side, you can simply rotate the telescopic tool and polish the window to perfection. We made sure to create this tool perfectly safe. You will never find yourself bending and twisting your arm again.

If you have regular yet hardly approachable windows, you can use our double-sided window cleaner. The Glider magnetic window cleaner is a uniquely designed tool for cleaning both sides of the window simultaneously. It has joint knocks that can open and close so that you can adjust them to your window’s thickness. It fits all windows 2-18mm thick.

Once you adjust the knocks and stick the tool to your window glass, you can simply move it up and down and use the cloth placed on both sides to clean your window from the inside and the outside at the same time. Instead of wondering how to clean your multi-story home and large panel windows, check out the Gilder. It will smoothly clean any area, even those hardly approachable. All that without leaving any marks or stains.

Each cloth is made of highly sensitive materials, ensuring to keep your window glass safe while efficiently removing all the dirt.

Why Tyroler?

 Tyroler window cleaning devices are made with durability, quality, and sensitivity in mind. Each of our products is made of high-quality materials, designed to outlast the owner. As mentioned, cloths are re-washable and reusable up to 300 times. The telescopic set and the magnetic Glider are made to last and be used numerous times. Instead of spending money on low-quality products that may be cheaper at the time but more expensive in the long run, you can purchase Tyroler and save yourself a future headache. 

Our customers are our top priority. We ensured to create and provide only the best. That’s why we give 2 years warranty to each product since we’re sure of what we’re selling. Besides, you have the possibility to get free shipping and return in case something happens or you don’t like the product. Tyroler – because we care.

Tyroler Team

Since 1987 we’ve had one mission; to make tools for more effective cleaning with less effort. We have dedicated over 3 decades to developing, manufacturing and distributing tools to make home cleaning easier. Today, Tyroler “Rav-Mag” cleaning products can be found in homes and businesses all around the world.

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