Read this before purchasing a magnetic window cleaner! Correct magenet strength

knowing the thickness of your windows is important for several reasons:

  • To guarantee your cleaner has the magnetic force to match the thickness of your windows, for quickly and effortlessly achieving a perfect result.

  • If the magnet doesn`t have the sufficient magnetic pull it might not hold unto the window. The product is securely attached with a cable to prevent it from reattach it multiple times during cleaning can be tediouds.


IN 5 easy STEPS

Now that you know your glass thickness you can easily choose the right magnetic cleaner

click on Table below

size table

Knowing your glass thickness you can easily choose a cleaner with the correct magnet strength for your windows.

The Glider D2 AFC
2-18 mm / 0.1”-0.7”

The Glider D3 AFC
2-28 mm / 0.1”-1.1”

The Glider D4 AFC
2-40 mm / 0.1”-1.6”

The Glider S1
2-8mm / 0.1”-0.3”

The Glider D2
8-18 mm / 0.3”-0.7”

The Glider D3
20-28 mm/ 0.8”-1.1”